PiCUS Sonic Tomograph

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The PiCUS Sonic Tomograph analyses sonic waves in order to draw conclusions of the wood’s inner structure. In solid wood, sonic waves propagate fast. Defects within the wood interfere with the propagation of the waves and lead to lower calculated velocities. The different recorded velocities are displayed in varying colors in the tomogram.

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    PiCUS Sonic Tomograph product description

    The PiCUS Sonic Tomograph is used for detailed road safety examinations on trees in order to assess the inner condition of trunks with hollows or fungi. Sonic tomographic measurements are particularly common in the area near the base of trees, additionally PiCUS Sonic Tomograms also provide valuable information on pruning wounds and branch forks when diagnosing trees.

    A 2D image is calculated from the measured speeds and geometrical information on the measuring level.

    The graphic representation displays areas with different transit times in different colors. In this way, not only can a distinction be made between intact and defective, but gradations in the degree of decomposition can also be recognized.

    The associated PiCUS-Expert-Software enables the creation of 3D graphics using different tomographic measuring levels. This allows the spread of the damage to be shown vividly and inserted into a photo of the tree.

    PiCUS Sonic Tomograph functional scope:

    Sensors: Depending on the version, 6 or 12 sensors
    Measuring points: : Up to 24 measuring points without a PC. Max 99 measuring points with a PC
    Display: Preview of the tomogram on the integrated graphic display
    Connection: Bluetooth for PC connection, GPS for determining the position of the tree


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