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    The control of flow can only be done if the flow is also measured. Therefore a suitable flow meter hast o be choosen and connected to the dosistar.

    The flow meter should be:

    • Chemically resitant to the medium to be dosed
    • Possess an Open-Collector-Output
    • Designed for a supply voltage of 9…15V (usually: rated voltage 12V)
    • Suitable for the desired flow range

    IML offers suitable paddlewheel flow meters in various sizes, covering a large portion of typical dosing tasks in the agricultural sector.

    Which flow meter do I need?

    For optimal results in measurement and control, the correct selection of a suitable flowmeter for the desired flow range is crucial. The following table provides an initial non-binding guideline for this:

    Flowmeter TypeFlowmeter value for water Wasser [Imp/L]max. flow [L/h]min. recommended flow [L/h]

    If the recommended minimum flow rate is not met, there is a risk of generating too few pulses per second for a clean measurement. This can lead to measurement and control errors.

    When sizing the pump, it is recommended to provide a control reserve of approximately 20%.  This means that the maximum flow rate oft he pump should be 20% greater than the desired maximum flow rate of the entire system.