Support – problems during operation

Answers for common questions during commissioning and use of the dosing controls


The recommissioning causes problems, what to do?

Problems when recommissioning dosing controls most likely occur in the area of cabling/plug contacting

Please check all electrical contacts and connectors:
– tight fitting of plug and socket
– tight fitting of all cables inside the plugs
– clean contact surfaces inside plugs and sockets. Use contact spray if necessary

Dosistar VD / VDM / ST / Disccontrol

Why can’t I turn on my device anymore?

Somtimes the switch moves on its axis and rests against the front panel of the device.

As a remedy:
– remove cover cap of the switch carefully
– softly dissolve the nut with wrench
– pull the switch for about 3 mm off the front panel and fix the nut again in this postion

Dosistar Grainy 230V~

What to do when the Dosistar stops working?

In most cases, this is only the fuse. Carefully check that it is working properly. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!