Dosistar VD

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Flow control of 12/24V DC pumps on vehicles.

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    Flow control of 12/24V DC pumps on vehicles.

    DOSISTAR VD is a dosing control with a very wide range of applications, specially tailored to the requirements of agriculture. It is used to control the delivery output of DC pumps. For the measuremnet of the current flow, the connection of a flow meter is necessary. Allthough optimized for in-vehicle operation, it is also possible to use it with a power supply stationary. It contains a large number of control inputs and can be used universally because of its extensive software.

    Area of application

    • Controlling of medium powered DC motors
    • Fan control, brightness control, motor control
    • Dosing of liquid substances on vehicles
    • Feed preservation
    • Grain preservation
    • Batch dosage (automatic shutdown after reaching delivery output)


    • Structured single-layer menu guarantees easy setup of desired parameters. No orientation problems through hidden submenus.
    • Illuminated two-line display, clearly readable
    • Intuitive rotary knob operation makes setting precise and safe even in harsh working environment.
    • Choose on your own, which unit of quantity is the right one (ml/min, l/min or l/h).
    • Extensive safety funtions like dry-running protection, adjustable overcurrent protection for the pump, short-circuit protection and overheat protection ensure safe operation.
    • There is a wide range of different measuring turbines available for flow measurement, from very small to very big. A calibrating progress simplifies the accurate measurement.  It is also possible to use a speed signal from constant volume pumps for flow measurement.
    • Independent memory spaces for calibration values.
    • Different languages available. German and English, others optional.
    • Emergency operation: Control of pump even possible when flow meter malfunction.
    • Storage for total and daily amount.
    • PICK-UP sensor: Pausing dosage when external contact is connected (configurable switch function NC/NO switch).
    • Wheel sensor: Dosing stops at standstill and resumes when driving off (defeatable).
    • Suitable for pulsating and even pumping due to two different measuring methods.
    • A powerful magnetic mount and lockable connectors enable fast conversion from one vehicle to another.
    • Simple installation by customer or technican.
    • Customized solutions possible. Contact us.

    Technical data

    Input voltage range VCC12V – 24V DC
    Max. power108W (12V) / 216W (24V)
    Max. current load9A constant; 12A peak
    Power control range0 – 100%
    External flow meterOpen collector type needed
    Calibration values for flow meter/ medium and wheel SensorUp to 4 values, to be set by user
    DisplayAlphanumeric, 2x16chars, illuminated
    Protective functionsReverse polarity / overload / dry-running / under dosage / overheating
    Connection of PICK-UP switchYes (opening and closing contacts possible)
    Connection of wheel sensorOptional
    Operating modesConstant Flow control
    Charge Dosing
    Speed dependant dosing
    Optional auxiliary outputReplaces the wheel sensor
    Switches on together with the pump output
    (output voltage = VCC)
    Dimensions120 x 95 x 35 mm